Dream - I Dare You: A Wake-up Call to Greater Alignment

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Dream - I Dare You: A Wake-up Call to Greater Alignment
Dream - I Dare You: A Wake-up Call to Greater Alignment
Dream - I Dare You: A Wake-up Call to Greater Alignment
Dream - I Dare You: A Wake-up Call to Greater Alignment

Dream - I Dare You: A Wake-up Call to Greater Alignment

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About DREAM-I Dare You Book:

A wake up call to greater alignment in your faith, family, career and community.


Arise sleeping dreamer…

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, no matter how bad your past has been or how bleak your future may seem, no matter how old or young you are…

It’s time to wake up!

The world is waiting.

It is waiting for you.

It is waiting for your dreams.

The world needs the very things God’s put within you – your unique dreams - to manifest in the world around us. For every problem we see today, for every heartache we’re experiencing, for every injustice, wrongdoing, up-side-down system, He has created solutions—only those solutions don’t lie dormant in the world around us. They lie dormant in the world within us.

It is time for a massive wake-up call to ignite the fire within you so you can shine the light on the world around you.

DREAM – I Dare You is a bold invitation to awaken and align the dreamer within you so you can start living bold as lions!

If not you, who?

And if not now, when?


About DREAM Workbook:

For all the Dreamer’s who have discovered the power of manifesting through the best selling book, DREAM-I Dare You, here is a workbook and companion piece to enhance your journey and take you even deeper.

DREAM Workbook is a step-by-step guide to support you in greater spiritual awakening and alignment.

It is purposed to give you the space to “go in…”

To still the chatter of the mind and to access the quiet places within your heart so your dreams can speak…

To give you the space to become the person you were created to be…

To pull heaven to this earth.

Every chapter of this workbook provides:
•    Deep, thought provoking questions to help you clarify your greatest dreams,
•    Real, applicable strategies you can apply to your day to day life,
•    A much more soulful, prayerful approach to life that will ensure you are aligned with what Heaven is doing so, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so on earth” (Matthew 6:10 American Standard Version).

It’s time to be intentional about the dreams God has placed in their heart.

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