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Converge: School Leaders Training 2016

Converge: School Leaders Training 2016
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About Converge: School Leaders Training 2016
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Are you leading or launching a school of supernatural ministry? If so, Converge School Leaders Training is for you! Last year 139 school leaders gathered for this inaugural event and it proved to be one of the most dynamic trainings we've ever provided. We are even more expectant this year to see God move in the lives of school leaders. Together, we are equipping a company of revivalists to transform the world. This school took place on February 9-12, 2016.

Session 1: "Jesus Empowers Supernatural Ministry" - Bill Johnson
Session 2: "Creating a Culture for Powerful Leaders" - Dann Farrelly
Session 3: "The Presence and Ministry of the Holy Spirit in a Supernatural School" - Mark Brookes
Session 4: "Advancing the Kingdom: Vision for Supernatural Schools" - Kris Vallotton
Session 5: "Loving and Leading People Well" - Gabe Valenzuela
Session 6: "The Heart and Soul of a Supernatural School" - Kris Vallotton
Session 7: "Pastoring Students in a Supernatural School" - Revival Group Pastor Panel
Session 8: "Leading Transition and Culture Shifts" - Paul Manwaring
Session 9: "Teaching Bible to Encounter a Supernatural God" - Dann Farrelly & Rich Schmidt
Session 10: "Lessons on Leading and Launching a Supernatural School" - Janelle Fite & School Planting Team
Session 11: "Foundations of School Structure--Mission, Vision & Core Values" - Janelle Fite
Session 12: "The Partnership of Visionaries and Administrators" - Kathy Vallotton
Session 13: "Keeping a School Supernatural" - Kris Vallotton
Session 14: "Foundations of School Structure--Admissions, Finances & Curriculum - Janelle Fite