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How to Overcome Disappointment
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Bill Johnson

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About How to Overcome Disappointment
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This teaching series by Bill Johnson focuses on how to overcome disappointment.

Disc 1: Living Un-Offended at God

Jesus said, "Happy is he who is not offended in Me." Only because of the high probability that each of us will have many opportunities to fall into this sin does Jesus give such a warning. Offense is the stumbling block that can come during disappointment or when we have to live with circumstances that cannot be explained. Happiness comes when we learn how to live in adversity with faith. By contending in weakness and disappointment, we are given the opportunity to step into our greatest victory in God.

Disc 2: Tools For Healing Past Disappointments

The Christian life is the life of short accounts that doesn't allow unresolved disappointment to fill the heart. When what God has said is abiding in the believer's heart, it prepares him to hear when God speaks a divine invitation into the impossible. Zacharias, John the Baptist's father, faced his "divine moment" by challenging God. Such a response comes from offense buried in the heart. On the other hand, Mary, the mother of Jesus, wasn't working to substantiate her unbelief. Her response worked in cooperation with the plan of God. In the same way, God is proclaiming promises into our lives, unveiling our stewardship of past disappointments and qualifying what we will carry in the future.