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My Super Powers: Global Edition Book 1-3
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Dan McCollam


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About My Super Powers: Global Edition Book 1-3
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In this Global Edition remake of the My Super Powers series, tag along with children from around the world as they discover the different gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in 1 Corinthians 12 and how they could look in the life of a child. This first volume contains three books in one.

Book 1: In Word of Wisdom, Timmy discovers through the life of Noah how God can give us guidance and instruction beyond our human understanding.

Book 2: In her play time, Carly pretends to be a mind-reading villain who threatens her subjects with the ability to know what they are about to say or do before it happens. In Word of Knowledge, Carly soon discovers that the gift is not pretend nor meant for evil and that a loving God really does share supernatural knowledge with those who have listening ears.

Book 3: In Gift of Faith, J.J. discovers that faith is better than worry or fear. Through the New Testament story of the father and his troubled son, J.J. understands that God gives the gift of faith to those who ask.