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My Super Powers: Global Edition Book 7-9
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Dan McCollam


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About My Super Powers: Global Edition Book 7-9
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In this Global Edition remake of the My Super Powers series, tag along with children from around the world as they discover the different gifts of the Holy Spirit listed in First Corinthians 12 and how they could look in the life of a child. This third volume contains three books in one.

Book 7: Discerning of Spirits: Peter discovers that his fear of the dark flows from the perception of an evil presence. His mom helps him turn his gift toward the light to recognize the presence of God and His angels. In focusing his gift, Peter trades his fear for faith, knowing that God is always with us.

Book 8: Gift of Tongues: Marco and Mia think their television is broken until Mom explains that it's just on a foreign language channel. Hearing unknown languages makes the children wish they could speak in another language. That's when Mom uses stories from her special Book to help them discover God's amazing gift of speaking in unknown tongues.

Book 9: Interpretation of Tongues: In this final episode in the My Super Powers series on gifts of the Spirit, Nuri receives an encouraging message for a new friend through the gift of interpreting an unknown tongue. Through this wonderful encounter, Nuri and her dad are reminded how God's super powers help us share God's amazing love for people.