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Cultivate Vo. 1: The Head to Heart Journey
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About Cultivate Vo. 1: The Head to Heart Journey
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The Cageless Birds are proud to announce that we have rebranded our Eighteen Inch Journey book and changed the name to Cultivate. Our desire is that this book would carry the name that reflects its purpose. Cultivate is a book designed to help you tend the rich soil of your heart. It is an invitation to discover the beautiful process of growth that happens when we partner with the Father. This book is full of honest prompts, writings and poetry from our community's process with the Lord. Our dream is that each volume would serve as a tool to help you cultivate your relationship with the Father and empower you to enjoy the process. Your heart is worth the work. Volume One is an introduction to journaling with the Lord. It features a wide range of prompts and writings to inspire you in your time with the Father and guide you deeper into His love for you. In this book, you will find writings on topics ranging from enjoying God, savoring Him, freedom and identity. Our hope is that in these pages, you will be inspired to ask Him questions and record His answers over your life. We desire that you not only hear, but treasure the words of God as He responds to you.