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Prosperous Home Curriculum Kit

Prosperous Home Curriculum Kit
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Stephen De Silva

Curriculum Kit

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About Prosperous Home Curriculum Kit
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Welcome to Prosperous Home: A Basic Guide to Budgeting and Money Management, by Stephen De Silva. This is the first in a series of volumes aimed at creating a foundation of wealth in your home so you can master money to accomplish your God-Given purpose. This kit includes a manual, a leader's guide, and a USB flash drive with video lessons.

Manual: Prosperous Home is both a heart and mind adjustment, where you learn the practical tools of managing your money and discovering the why behind your financial habits. This curriculum works and has helped thousands of people.  

USB Flash Drive: These video lessons and tutorials are aimed to accompany the Manual to bring greater depth and insight into the material. This easy to follow curriculum is designed to make finances simple and bring hope into your personal finances.