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Bethel Healing School May 2017

Bethel Healing School May 2017
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Chris Gore, Chuck Parry, Eric Johnson, Seth Dahl, Danny Silk, Angela Locke, Chris Overstreet, Dawna De Silva & Robert Ward

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About Bethel Healing School May 2017
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Session 1: It's All About Jesus - Chris Gore
Session 2: Accessing Our Inheritance - Chuck Parry
Session 3: Becoming a House of Refuge & Healing - Eric Johnson
Breakout A1: Winning the Mind Game - Seth Dahl
Breakout A2: How to Empower a Healing Culture in Your Ministry & Community - Chuck Parry
Session 4: The Power of Peace - Chris Gore
Session 5: Righteousness is God's Idea - Danny Silk
Session 6: How to be Born Again, Again - Chris Gore
Session 7: Walking in God's Best for You - Angela Locke
Session 8: Compassion to Action - Chris Overstreet
Breakout B1: Body, Soul & Spirit Healing - Dawna De Silva
Breakout B2: Ministering from a Place of Intimacy - Robert Ward
Session 9: Impartation - Chris Gore
Session 10: Joy: The Depth of the Kingdom - Seth Dahl
Session 11: Questions & Answers - Chris Gore