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Salt and Light Conference June 2016
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Bill Johnson,Candace Johnson,Chris Gore,Eric Johnson,Joaquin Evans,Kris Vallotton,Paul Manwaring

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About Salt and Light Conference June 2016
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We are mothers and fathers. We are businessmen and women. We are creatives. We are friends and neighbors. We are salt and light. And when we unite with heaven, we change the world. Because what happens inside of the four walls of our church building isn't just for us; it's for our neighborhoods, our cities, and our nations. It's time to season this earth with heaven and illuminate the path to kingdom living. At the Kingdom Culture conference, we open our house to anyone who longs to cultivate kingdom culture in their personal lives and the world around them. You're invited to hear what we've been doing and where we're going at Bethel Redding, and to be fueled afresh in the art of carrying and creating the culture of God's Kingdom first in our hearts, then in the world.