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Leaders Advance Spring 2017
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Bill Johnson, Eric Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Havilah Cunnington

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About Leaders Advance Spring 2017
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Bethel's senior leaders share their wisdom and revelation about leadership and building a Kingdom culture at the Leaders Advance Spring 2017.

Session 1: "United Front" - Eric Johnson
Senior Leaders Meeting - Bill, Kris, Eric, Candace

Session 2: "Why We Need Answers to Prayer" - Bill Johnson
Panel 1: "Talk Culture" - Gabe Valenzuela, Dann Farrelly, Chris Cruz, Carrie Lloyd
Panel 2: "Talk Church" - Lauren Vallotton, Bill Johnson, Candace Johnson, Dann Farrelly
Session 3: "Expanding Your Capacity" - Havilah Cunnington
Session 4: "Determining Your Capacity" - Kris Vallotton
Panel 3: "Talk Cities" - Lauren Vallotton, Kris Vallotton, Lance Jacobs, Julie Winter, Jordan Pacilio
Panel 4: "Talk Leadership" - Gabe Valenzuela, Steve Backlund, Candace Johnson, Leslie Crandall
Session 5: "Cornerstones of Thought" - Havilah Cunnington