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Mission Intensive Training School 2018

Mission Intensive Training School 2018
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About Mission Intensive Training School 2018
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Called to long-term missions? Go well, go strong, go prepared.

Those called to the life of long-term missions need the ability to integrate a supernatural lifestyle with the practical skills of living cross culturally. This is key for success in long-term missions.

Living abroad can be challenging and difficult, especially in hostile environments. Bethel Mission Intensive Training School provides the skills necessary to not only survive, but thrive. Get equipped and empowered for long-term effectiveness and sustainability. Bethel Mission Intensive Training School is open to all called to long-term missions and meets the admission requirements (see below).

We Target 4 Foundational Keys

  1. Cross Cultural Adaptation & Lifestyle – Acquire the skills and ability to adapt and live cross culturally in another nation.
  2. Spiritual Atmospheres–Get tools to identify and deal with spiritual climates in difficult places.
  3. Building Resiliency – Self and Family Care–Learn how to thrive as a single or how to protect your family, strengthen your marriage, and give your children a positive experience.
  4. Build Well, Build Strong – Building and maintaining healthy relationships with nationals and team members.


  • Ministering in the Religious World (Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, etc.)
  • Sports Ministry
  • Humanitarian Efforts (human trafficking, digging wells, medical missions, etc.)
  • Community Development/Business in Missions
  • Personal Safety
  • Church Planting
  • And more!