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Meeting God Face to Face, a New Devotional by Bill Johnson
The Power of Communion is here!

Open Heavens October 2017
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Bill Johnson, John Bevere, Mike Bickle, Kalley Helligenthal

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About Open Heavens October 2017
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When Jesus bridged the expanse between Earth and Heaven, He empowered us to live like He did–tapping into the power and glory of His Kingdom. What is God’s has become ours! As Heaven permeates our lives, the extraordinary becomes ordinary, and the supernatural becomes natural. Encounters with glory become our new normal.

Open Heavens, one of our main conferences, captures the heart of Bethel Redding. It’s a response to our mandate to live in light of His reality, a call to converge our daily lives with Heaven. Through three powerful days of teaching, worship, and testimonies, you’ll walk away with a mind renewed and a life transformed, equipped to carry the power of the Kingdom with you, wherever you go.

Session 1: Hope Filled Last Days - Bill Johnson
Session 2: Killing Kryptonite: Love, Truth & Tolerance - John Bevere
Session 3: A Renewed Mind - Bill Johnson
Session 4: Killing Kryptonite: Repentance
Session 5: Authority of the Believer - Mike Bickle
Session 6: Singing While Pregnant - Kalley Helligenthal
Session 7: Abiding in Love - Mike Bickle