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Dreaming With God
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Bill Johnson

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About Dreaming With God
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CD 1: THE COMING PENTECOST Two thousand years ago the outpouring of the Holy Spirit brought about an atmospheric shift over the entire region around Jerusalem. The fruit of that single moment remains one of the high watermarks in all of church history. While the purposes of God had an initial fulfillment on that day, the ultimate was reserved for these last days. There is a new Pentecost coming... beyond our wildest dreams.

CD 2: CO-LABORING WITH GOD Much of the church is waiting for a command from the Lord while He is waiting for the dream of His people. We have yet to learn the radical difference between being a Servant of God vs. being a Friend. The servant is task oriented, and the friend is relational. (By the way, lovers of God get more work done than workers do.) God is restoring the church to the creative role He has desired from the beginning. In that anointing, we will be restored to the full expression of being a co-laborer with Christ.

CD 3: DESIRE We were born to see the impossible bow to the name of Jesus. A tender heart makes this possible. It is receptive to God through vulnerability and opens us up to His world of possibilities. Creativity is one of the manifestations of this kind of relationship. While religion crucifies creativity, the true gospel gives place for its expression.

CD 4: THE TREE OF LIFE The most natural thing in the universe is for a Christian to have answered prayers. They are designed to bring the Father glory and release life into us through the fullness of joy. Answered prayers (fulfilled desires) are our connection to eternity and the eternal purposes of God for the church. He actually wants us to have our will transformed so that our will can be done.

Teaching by Bill Johnson