Victorious Emotions

Victorious Emotions
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Wendy Backlund


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About Victorious Emotions
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This book gives powerful, practical strategies to live out Romans 12:2, which says to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. The word "renewing" in the Greek means renovation. This book is about renovating and reconstructing the pathways and strongholds of our thinking. It explores how our brains create certain belief systems and how to intentionally create new ones. The goal of this book is not to focus on eliminating negative emotions, but to build a tidal wave of victorious emotions that are pulled into our lives as easily and surely as the ocean tides will appear every day. It is time to be overtaken by emotions that lead us into victory!


This journal is a call to action to take thirty minutes everyday to reconstruct the pathways in your brain for victorious emotions. Acquiring this journal is not only an investment of money but a commitment to invest time and effort into the process of building new strongholds or "muscle" in the area of your beliefs. This 30 day journal is designed to make the exercises listed in Wendy Backlund’s book, Victorious Emotions, more convenient to process every day. It will walk you through the daily process of building strongholds which will affect your emotions and enhance your daily life.


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