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DISCovering You
DISCovering You
DISCovering You
DISCovering You

DISCovering You

Danny Silk, Jason Hedge

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We live in a world filled with information overload, yet it is still difficult to describe who we are. DISC is a powerful assessment that reveals some of the unique performance attributes that God has deposited inside of you. DISCovering You and Your Team is an interactive training series designed for teams, small groups and individuals to learn to understand, communicate and connect with each other more effectively. First, you will discover your performance style, the value you bring to your team and what your Leadership Aptitudes are. Second, you will learn to recognize the value and benefit of working alongside different styles. Finally, you will practice communication tools that will improve your connection and effectiveness in relationships. This investment will help you uncover who you are and how to successfully influence and connect with your team and the world!

Includes the Following:

Exercise 1: (House of Cards)- Jason Hedge

Know Thyself, Know Thy Team – Danny Silk

Drivers, Emotions & Anxiety Producers – Danny Silk

Exercise 2: (His Banner Over Me) – Jason Hedge

Unpacking DISC – Jason Hedge

Exercise 3: (Ideal Car) – Jason Hedge

Leadership Aptitudes – Jason Hedge

Descriptors (& Understanding Your Aptitudes) – Jason Hedge

Exercise 4: (Leadership Opportunity) – Jason Hedge

Communicating Primary DISC Types – Jason Hedge

Natural vs. Adapted Style – Wendy Crawford

Exercise 5: (Early Bird vs. Second Mouse) – Jason Hedge

Team DISC Wheel – Jason Hedge

DISC Communication – Jason Hedge

Exercise 6: Bringing DISC Home – Wendy Crawford

Quick Reference Guide – Jason Hedge

Q&A Jason Hedge & Wendy Crawford

*The DVD can be easily divided into 7 training periods of less than 2 hours each, perfect for teams, small groups and individual learning. Includes a printable PDF Leader's Guide to help you facilitate the interactive exercises during small group trainings. Each participant will want their own copy of the accompanying workbook, The Essential DISC Training Workbook. Get the accompanying workbook here!

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