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House Magazine Volume 2
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About House Magazine Volume 2
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House Magazine is a print publication by Bethel Redding. Our mission is to connect the Bethel Redding family and those visiting Bethel with the core values of our house through meaningful content and an inspired aesthetic, creating a snapshot of kingdom culture in action. In each issue, we communicate our mission through four "personas," God-given roles we all have within us. Saint focuses primarily on identity; Disciple focuses on growth; Revivalist focuses on living supernaturally; and Steward focuses on stewardship and cultivation.

Issue 2: Motion

Our second issue is entitled, “Motion”, and within these pages are expressions from established and emerging voices in our environment speaking to the vital necessity of continually moving from glory to glory. These photos, stories, and creative mediums are crafted to encourage and challenge you in the ongoing process of being made into His likeness in ever-increasing measures. Movement is essential to every aspect of our lives, and our spiritual lives aren’t exempt from this truth. We hope that these pages help to propel you forward into the momentum that God has prepared for your extraordinary life with Him.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" x .5"
Page Count: 64 pages of exclusive, print-only content
Weight: 13oz.
Quality: Offset printed and perfect bound on uncoated paper