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House Magazine Volume 4
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About House Magazine Volume 4
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House Magazine is a print publication by Bethel Redding. Our mission is to connect the Bethel Redding family and those visiting Bethel with the core values of our house through meaningful content and an inspired aesthetic, creating a snapshot of kingdom culture in action. In each issue, we communicate our mission through four "personas," God-given roles we all have within us. Saint focuses primarily on identity; Disciple focuses on growth; Revivalist focuses on living supernaturally; and Steward focuses on stewardship and cultivation.

Issue 4: Generations

God is faithful from generation to generation, and we personally see His hand working constantly as we steward what has been given to us. As the world continues to grow and change, so does the opportunity to seek God's heart in every facet of His creation - in the people near and far, stories that have already and are yet unfolding, and in societies around the world. As a house, we acknowledge that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves by being a part of this global community, and we must look once more to our foundations, the current part that we play in society, and the future that God is calling us to. We invite you to join us for a deeper examination of God's heart in the story of humanity, and continue a conversation started in our last edition about what God is doing on the earth and what we perceive within ourselves as it unfolds

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