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Declaring Life

Declaring Life
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Steve Backlund

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About Declaring Life
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Believers everywhere are realizing the power of declaring truth to empower their lives. You may be wondering "What are declarations and why are people making them?" or "How are declarations a form of spiritual warfare?" This Declarations video teaching series (along with Steve Backlund's Declarations book) answers these common questions while equipping viewers to access the life-altering truth that "life is in the power of the tongue" (Proverbs 18:21). Get ready to experience incredible transformation as you speak life and accelerate the process of renewing your mind! Through 12 video teachings, Steve Backlund, along with Elijah Stephens, empowers the Body of Christ with:

--Biblical reasons for making declarations and why it is one of the most powerful keys for mind renewal and transformation
--Practical tools for incorporating declarations into your daily life
--Declarations for every area of life, including relationships, finances, emotions, and influence
--Powerful testimonies from declaring and speaking life