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Encounter: An Activation of Your Spirit
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Wendy Backlund

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About Encounter: An Activation of Your Spirit
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Because we are "born of the Spirit," (John 3:6), we must begin to see ourselves as more spirit than flesh. Our primary identity and authority is found as spirits in unity with the Holy Spirit. Many in the Body of Christ believe they are simply human beings attempting to do spiritual things, when in fact they are primarily spiritual beings contained within an earthly body. Wendy Backlund directs listeners through this 38-minute, focused, meditative invitation into the Presence of God using relaxation tools that build a constant awareness of their spirit and God. Like the healing river flowing from the temple door in Ezekiel 47, Wendy welcomes us to step into the deeper waters of God and pursue His face as we encounter Him spirit to Spirit. Lie down, relax, close your eyes, and engage, as Wendy equips you to have your own life-transforming experiences and encounters with God. This is not merely a listening CD, but rather an experiential one, designed to lead us into face-to-face, transformational encounters with God.