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Mind Renewal Collection
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Steve Backlund & Wendy Backlund


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About Mind Renewal Collection
Free Gift

The Mind Renewal Collection is a compilation of the greatest audio teachings by Steve and Wendy Backlund on experiencing true transformation, hope, and joy through the renewing of the mind.  (Romans 12:12)

With 24 hope-infused teachings on the life-changing power of our beliefs, these messages are conveniently packaged on an easy-to-use flash drive ready to be loaded onto your computer or MP3 player. This flash drive makes for a great gift or church resource!

Teachings on this drive include:

Abounding Hope & Joy Curriculum:

  • The Power of Joy: Letting Go of Lies Through Laughter
  • The Power of Beliefs: Possessing Our Promised Land
  • The Power of Declarations: Demolishing the Real Strongholds
  • The Power of Hope: Living From a Higher Perspective
  • A Transformed Life: Accessing the Supernatural
  • No Limits: A Lifestyle of Relentless Mind Renewal


  • Breakthrough in Emotions
  • Breakthrough in Relationships
  • Breakthrough in Finances
  • Breakthrough in Influence

Breakthrough Mindsets:

  • Five Life-Changing Beliefs
  • The Culture of Empowerment
  • Worrying With God

Relentless Mind Renewal:

  • Parts 1-8

Victorious Faith:

  • The Sovereignty Error
  • Faith Makes a Difference
  • Faith and the Word
  • Faith's Identity
  • Faith and Words
  • Faith vs. Law and Legalism
  • Faith's Vision
  • Keeping Faith

Framing Our Future:

  • What Does the Bible Say About Words?
  • Students of Our Words
  • Science, Words, and Barrier Breakers
  • Proactive Speaking
  • Practical Helps
  • Promises and Proclamations

Individual Sermon:

  • God’s Joy Is Our Strength