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Leap Into Love, a new book by Havilah Cunnington

Developing A Prophetic Culture
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Kris Vallotton

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About Developing A Prophetic Culture
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In the days of old, a person who encountered a prophet coming down from the mountains would be changed into another man. An invisible, supernatural vortex seemed to surround this prophetic company. In this vortex wicked men became righteous, common people became kings and the destiny of nations were carved out through prophetic declarations.
These holy men created a culture . . . a kind of unseen river that seemed to wash over thirsty souls, quenching their parched existence with the fresh water of a loving God.
In this three-part CD/DVD series, Kris Vallotton unearths some of the mysteries of developing a prophetic culture that changes the hearts of people and sets nations on the road to their destinies. These messages will equip you to become a part of this last days revival generation!

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