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Homosexuality and the Church (5-part series)
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Ken Williams, Rodger Gaskin, Elizabeth Woning, Kris Vallotton, Rich Schmidt, Andre Van Mol, MD

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About Homosexuality and the Church (5-part series)
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What are we supposed to think about homosexuality today? Can sexual desires change? How can we be conduits of God’s love and truth to those in the LGBTQ+ community? The Equipped to Love team joins leaders at Bethel Church in this 5-part series presented to Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry. Hear their stories of freedom and the expertise that was shared in this comprehensive look at homosexuality.

DISC 1: Testimonies of Freedom from Homosexuality

DISC 2: Homosexuality in Scripture with Rich Schmidt

DISC 3: Science and Homosexuality with André Van Mol, MD

DISC 4: Leadership Perspectives on Homosexuality with Kris Vallotton

DISC 5: Demystifying Homosexuality

DISC 6: Bonus Footage - Temptation, Deliverance, Identity & Helping Others


This video series is hosted by Equipped to Love (ETL) founders Rodger Gaskin, Ken Williams, and Elizabeth Woning, who vulnerably share their stories to unpack the experience of homosexuality so others may disciple those who struggle themselves and minister to the growing need. ETL is joined by leaders at Bethel Church in Redding, California, who have important perspectives on the topic of homosexuality: its impact on society, what Scripture says about it, and the scientific evidence regarding the genetic origins and biological effects of homosexual behavior.  

Prophet Kris Vallotton is a bestselling author, is the Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church (Redding, CA), and the founder of Moral Revolution. Rich Schmidt holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business, a Master’s of Divinity, and is the Lead Bible Instructor for Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA. André Van Mol, MD, is a board-certified family physician, serves on the boards of Bethel Church (Redding, CA) and Moral Revolution, and speaks and writes on bioethics and Christian apologetics.