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School of the Prophets August 2017

School of the Prophets August 2017
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Kris Vallotton, Dan McCollam, Ben Armstrong, Bill Johnson, & Jenn Johnson

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About School of the Prophets August 2017
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The Schools of the Prophets have deep roots in biblical history. In the Old Testament, the Prophet Samuel started a school for the purpose of training young prophets. Elisha succeeded Samuel as the head of the school. Our goal for this one-week, intensive training is to help facilitate prophetic ministry in local churches and ministries. We hope to help develop prophets and prophetesses who can effectively work with five-fold leadership teams to see the history of their cities rewritten.

Session 1: "The Importance of the Prophetic" - Dan McCollam
Session 2: "The Role of a Prophet: Part 1" - Kris Vallotton
Session 3: "Q & A" - Jenn Johnson
Session 4: "Prophets in the Kingdom" - Bill Johnson
Session 5: "The Role of a Prophet: Part 2" - Kris Vallotton
Session 6: "Insight, Foresight & Oversight" - Kris Vallotton 
Session 7: "The Power of Sound" - Dan McCollam
Session 8: "Core Values of the Prophetic" - Kris Vallotton
Session 9: "The Father and Mother Heart of the Prophetic" - Ben Armstrong
Session 10: "Wisdom for the Weird and Wonderful" - Dan McCollam
Session 11: "The Prophet and the Family" - Kris Vallotton
Session 12: "Q&A Panel" - Kris Vallotton, Dan McCollam & Ben Armstrong

Breakout 1: "Cultural Transformation" - Kris Vallotton
Breakout 2: "Prophetic Trainers and Equippers" - Dan McCollam
Breakout 3: "Dreams & Visions" - Ben Armstrong