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Victory, a New Album by Bethel Music
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Steffany Gretzinger

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About Blackout
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Blackout marks Steffany Gretzinger’s second solo release with Bethel Music following The Undoing released in 2014. Experiencing this music is more like reading a story than listening to an album. The record’s cinematic and reflective soundscapes engage the imagination much like a book to it’s reader. With fierceness and radiance, Blackout heralds the message that even when circumstances bend towards chaos, light that shines from the inside out cannot be dimmed, “In a blackout, I will illuminate the dark, You won’t escape the beaming, I will glimmer, I will glow.” These songs personify the world Steffany has been navigating, each embracing a choice to be vulnerable and present. Collectively they celebrate her discovery of a deep inner confidence and a joyful dependence on God and others in time of need. Known for her passionate abandon in corporate worship, Steffany’s vocals are as ethereal as they are powerful on these tracks, shedding light on a less-visible side. She describes the record as one for the in-between moments in life, the moments that truly shape us, “It’s about being able to joyfully dance as tears stream down your face, knowing that life comes through learning to grieve and celebrate at the same time.” With haunting honesty, these songs invite listeners to glow with the truth that, “You can’t turn out a light shining from the inside.”

Track 01: Save Me
Track 02: Dust
Track 03: Bright Ones
Track 04: Confident
Track 05: Sing My Way Back
Track 06: All That Lives Forever
Track 07: Forever Amen (Interlude)
Track 08: Tell Me the Truth
Track 09: This is the Sound
Track 10: Open Over Us
Track 11: Oxygen
Track 12: Paradigm (Interlude)
Track 13: Blackout


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