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So Much Beauty, So Little Time

So Much Beauty, So Little Time
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Ray Hughes

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About So Much Beauty, So Little Time
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In the liner notes of this CD, Ray shares, "The world is filled with music for those who take the time to listen. It can be extravagant, but it does not have to be. These simple songs and tones and melodies remind me of the beauty in my life. Life doesn't have to be a big production, just play what you hear." This NEW CD features Ray Hughes playing intimate songs of worship on solo acoustic guitar. If you have been to hear Ray speak and worship recently, you have experienced the incredible way the Holy Spirit is moving through the simple and pure release of an obedient heart answering the Father’s call to worship Him!

1. Eyes To See
2. Ears To Hear
3. So Much Beauty
4. So Little Time
5. I Surrender All
6. My Cares
7. And Remember
8. The Journey