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The Father Files

The Father Files

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God chooses to relate to us as a Father--but do we know Him intimately the way He intended? These messages, woven together by truths about the Father's heart for us, will reveal God's love for you and empower you on your journey of discovering what is means to be a son or daughter of God.
Spiritual fathers are a vital ingredient of our lives, but finding one can be a frustration. The starting point is finding the son or daughter inside each of us. If we don’t become sons and daughters, every father will let us down. This message will show you how to live like a child of God as you pursue a spiritual father in your life.
GLORIOUS SONS (note to Post Production - this used to be called "Glorious Sons Revisited)
In this message, Paul shares his journey of living as a son of God and encourages everyone on their essential journey to sonship and daughtership.
In 2012, God began a new journey of evangelism in Paul's life, leading him to Reinhard Bonnke’s School of Evangelism where he had an encounter with the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This message focuses on Luke 15, a passage that has become the centerpiece of Paul’s journey of loving and preaching the gospel.
Fathers are a vital aspect of our assignment in life of revealing the Heavenly Father. When Paul and his son went on the trip of a lifetime in 2014, Paul learned about about how fathers relate to their sons. What began as a simple set of notes evolved into a powerful message for men and women who want to reveal the Father to those around them with their lives.
Our wonderful privilege as believers is to pursue Christlikeness. Continuing on "Things Fathers Do," Paul unpacks a list of things sons and daughters do, revealing Jesus as the ultimate son and using His life and other biblical examples to encourage us in showing the Father's love by living like children of God.
On our way to being fathers and mothers, many of us will have to overcome lies about ourselves. This inspiring message will help you to conquer lies and obstacles on the way to fulfilling the great assignment of being fathers and mothers to our natural and spiritual children.
Starting with his favorite parable told with a twist, Paul takes us on another journey, explaining how the Father's house is a crucial component in the empowering of revivalists, reformers, and renaissance creatives.
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