Flux Player Instructions

How to Download Fluxplayer and Books:


  1. Log into shop.bethel.com and you will arrive at the homepage 



  1. Go to the top right corner of the page and you will see the search bar and type in the ebook you are looking for (Ex. “Winning the war within)






  1. You will arrive to the product from search results and you will select the title that includes the book you are looking for.


  1.   Click on the product and you will add to cart, make sure that the product variant says “Digital Book. Repeat this step with all the books included with the discount code.





  1. Take a look at your cart to ensure the products you want are there. 



  1. Click the checkout button and you will land on this page (Image example below). You will fill out your information, (email, address, phone number)


**If you have a discount code or gift card**

Under the “Gift card or discount code” field input the discount code given to you by BSSM Online to redeem your books and apply the discount code. After you do that, it should clear the total and will be $0.00.




  1. After you fill out your information, on the left, under your phone number field, click “Continue to Payment”.


  1. The next page should ask you for your card information. If you don’t have a discount. This is your last chance to review your cart and if all looks good, select “Pay Now”.







  1. You will arrive at a page that will give you the order number. Under where it  says your order is confirmed it says “Access your digital content”, here you will only find the digital books that you purchased. 




To Access Your Digital Books


  1. To access them, select the show digital content button.



  1. You will arrive to the page and see the content you purchased.




  1. You will be prompted depending on what OS you have to download a player (For MacOS it will ask to download the fluxplayer and set up the account. 


 **Make sure you add an email you will always use for this player, unfortunately you won’t be able to change it.



  1. Download and follow the steps and you will be able to access the ebooks from the device you downloaded the flux player.


  1. If you want to stay on the shop.bethel site to view the content, simply one of the two books and select “Show”.



Then the ebook will open up and you may enjoy!!



Other Helpful Information: 

Using the Flux Player app - The player app manages download, storage, and viewing of the eBooks. Once the eBook is downloaded by the player, just open the player to access the content anytime, anywhere without the need of a browser or internet connection. 

If you are already using the Flux Player app, just open the player to access your content. Otherwise, take the following steps:


  1. Go to  https://shop.bethel.com/apps/flickrocket

  1. Click the “Get Player App” button and download and install the Flux Player app.

  1. Open the Flux Player app and sign-in with your Shop.Bethel.com account email and the Flux Player password.


Reset Password:  You can reset the Flux Player password any time using the “Forgot password” option when signing into the player.

Annotation and Highlighting


  1. To use the annotation and highlighting features,click at the beginning of the desired text, hold the Shift key and click at the end of the desired text. 
  2. Tap and drag on mobile devices. 
  3. Then choose Annotate or Highlight from the pop-up menu.
  4. The Annotation and Highlighting Panel will open showing the Page number and highlighted text. 
  5. Click the Pencil icon to change highlight color or then select the Trash Can icon to delete the highlight or annotation. 

(When choosing Annotate, you also have the option of adding your own comments or notes. In addition, you can quickly add Page Notes by choosing the New Page Notes icon.)


The Annotation and Highlighting feature also includes the ability to Search annotations and highlights and sort the search results by Newest, Oldest, or Location. Filters allow showing or hiding Page Notes, Annotations, Highlights, and Only the Current Page. The Eye icon quickly hides or shows highlights.


Annotations and highlights are stored in the cloud, so you can access and add more annotations and highlights even when using a different device.

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