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2nd Year Teacher's Manuals & DVDs (purchase full set or by section)
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Full Set: Teacher's Manuals & DVDs

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About 2nd Year Teacher's Manuals & DVDs (purchase full set or by section)
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The Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM), 2nd Year program is a 9-month school where students receive practical leadership training and activation in the gifts of the Spirit as they learn to steward and reproduce a culture of revival. Our desire is to extend the foundational messages of the school and the culture of revival all over the world. In looking to do so, we have created a quality video production of the 2nd Year BSSM classes. Each of the 110 classes is captured in DVD format and is accompanied by a Teacher's Manual and a Student Manual (sold separately). These 110 sessions are organized into 11 sections of Teacher's Manuals, which are accompanied by a set of 10 DVDs (10 DVDs/section). These manuals sequentially follow the BSSM school year, which takes into account the emotional and spiritual development of the students as their lives are transformed. Each class session is 1-1.5 hours in length, totaling approximately 145-155 hours of teaching.

NOTE: The Administrator's Manual is not included in the set, but we recommend purchasing the Administrator's Manual as a tool for helping you design and build the infrastructure of your school. It is also a key component in understanding the core values and lessons we have learned in developing a revival culture. This curriculum can be ordered as a full set or ordered by individual sections. The full set of curriculum includes all 11 sections of the Teacher's Manuals and the accompanying DVD sessions. The Administrator's Manual and Student Manuals are not included, but can be purchased separately as needed. For more information about the individual sections, please reference each of the products above.

*We would also highly recommend that you start with the 1st Year BSSM DVD Curriculum before implementing the 2nd year curriculum. The 1st year of BSSM is crucial for building a culture of revival as it helps to lay a strong foundation for the 2nd year messages to build upon.