A Christian Life Without Father God

A Christian Life Without Father God

A Christian Life Without Father God

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In this breezy memoir, Goff details her experiences growing up without a father figure. Goff writes that at age 12 she decided that she would not let her fatherlessness define her. Instead, she would become a young woman “propelled into [her] designed destiny.” Goff was able to find common cause with the support group Teen Challenge, which helped underscore the message she feels she has been called upon to preach: God offers true love and care, especially to the parentless. She did eventually meet her birth father, but it wasn’t until she was 28 and he was dying of cancer. His death caused Goff’s immersion into Christianity and ministry to deepen, and she learned to appreciate the fatherhood of God, whom believers can confidently turn to as one turns to an earthly father. This uplifting story will be welcomed by Christian readers seeking a tale of affirmation and triumph over trauma.

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