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A Man on a Horse

A Man on a Horse
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Mark Peterson


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About A Man on a Horse
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Folded into the true story of Mark Peterson's 1,500 mile experiment in faith is a simple, powerful testimony of God's goodness, complete with rodeo riding, mountain climbing, and incredible circumstantial miracles.

Written in language kids can understand, supplemented with footnotes that enrich the story for adults, and dotted with photos from the trip, Man on a Horse is a true-life adventure story that will inspire the whole family to greater faith and a deeper love for Jesus.

Whether you read it to your kids or read it for yourself, this story of transformation will touch your heart and remind you that anything is possible.

Story Synopsis

In 1993, the day after he graduated from college, Mark Peterson rode out from California's Central Valley accompanied by only his horse and a pack mule. He rode north toward Canada carrying no food or money, and a question: Is God really who he says he is?

Mark spent the next two and a half months riding over West Coast rivers, mountains, and rangelands, sleeping in hay barns, praying with strangers, and trading in self-reliance for trust as he watched God provide for his every need in the most unexpected ways.

About the Author

Mark Peterson is the founder and leader of the men's sexual purity group at Bethel Church in Redding, California. A voice for sexual purity, honest relationships, and entrepreneurship in and outside the church, Mark enjoys football, swimming, hunting, fishing, napping, reading, and eating excellent food with his family and friends. He lives in Northern California with his wife Diane and their four children. Man on a Horse is his first book.