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Administrator's Manual

Administrator's Manual
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BSSM Manual

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About Administrator's Manual
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To see the Administrator’s Manual Table of Contents, visit the BSSM School Planting’s Resources page.

With over 14 years of experience, the staff of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) has created an Administrator's Manual. The Administrator's Manual is a How To guide designed to offer simple, straightforward advice on how to administratively reproduce a school like BSSM. It covers several topics including Staff and Department Development, the Admissions Process, Class Schedules and Meetings, Finances, Mission and Core Values, Discipleship Materials, as well as information on Attendance and Homework. The Manual includes a CD with most of the documents in the manual on it, which means you can use pre-made forms or change them to fit your specific needs.

Loving Our Kids on Purpose and Unpunishable: The Fruit of the Cross, which target the crucial topics of discipleship and discipline. This dynamic manual gives detailed descriptions of the core values, techniques and systems BSSM uses to create an empowering culture where our staff and students can succeed.

NOTE: The Administrator's Manual covers both our 1st and 2nd year programs; therefore it is not sold within the individual 1st or 2nd Year BSSM DVD Curriculum Sets. However, the Administrator's Manual is a vital tool that is part of the “complete package." The school structures, forms and lessons we've learned will save you hundreds of hours of preparation!

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