An Unclouded Sun

An Unclouded Sun
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Brenda VanWinkle


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About An Unclouded Sun
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Where would we be without hope?

“Hope that is dependable as the sunrise and as sure as the dawn.” This is what God offers. Hope that carries with it a great expectation of good.

What if hope is closer than we know? What if there are more reasons to hope than we’ve been told or considered? Even though we live in a society permeated with negative news, Brenda VanWinkle believes that we can recapture and revitalize hope. In An Unclouded Sun, she looks beyond society’s focus on darkness and re-calibrates our hearts toward remembering that hope is an attribute of God’s nature, and that it remains eternally.

Using Biblical examples and personal experience, the author uses her gift of storytelling to explore the concept of hope, describing its crucial part in the history of God’s people and its modern role in bringing God’s fulness to the earth. Based on the story of Deborah from the Bible book of Judges, this must-read book is a helpful tool for understanding the long-term impact of a hopeful church. Just as Deborah lived in days of terror and saw her nation turn back to God, we have hope that in our day, men and women in every nation are being raised up to be used by God to bring awakening, transformation and reformation.