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Authority to Stay Free From Sickness

Authority to Stay Free From Sickness
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Chris Gore,Joaquin Evans

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About Authority to Stay Free From Sickness
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When Jesus told His disciples to go into all the world and heal the sick, He also gave them this command: “Tell them the Kingdom of God has just come near to you" (Luke 10:9). There is a battle going on, and the battle is not over our bodies but our identity. When our identity is in alignment with the Kingdom of God, then health flows into every area of our lives, including physical healing. In this series, Joaquin Evans and Chris Gore share on the Kingdom identities and principles that not only set people free from sickness and disease but also allow them to stay free. These messages reveal some of the lies that keep people in their conditions or allow conditions to return after they have already been healed. The good news is God came to give life and life more abundantly. When we grow in our identity, the enemy loses his grip on the property he no longer owns. The truth will not only make you free, it will keep you free.