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Bethel Christian School


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About Basileia
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In Basileia, the children were free to do what they truly loved. Their eyes twinkled and their noses wrinkled. Life was delicious and loveable. But as they grew older, forgetfulness would take its' toll. Basileia became a tale of yesteryear, a thing of dreams. Now that they were grownups, they had no time for games, no time for play. They had "more important" things to do, and Basileia seemed to be lost to them forever. Join Bethel Christian School's cast of over one hundred as they sing and dance their way through a story of childlike wonder, remembrance, and a world forgotten. Our purpose at Bethel Christian School is to partner with parents to prepare and develop the whole student, mind, body and spirit through academic training that is interwoven with Biblical teaching, ministry and worship. We believe that the spiritual man is integrated into all aspects of learning and life. We teach that God wants to edify, comfort, and exhort His children. Through this understanding, students will gain self-confidence enabling them to achieve all that God has purposed for their lives.

Written by: Sara Rust

Directed by: Tiffany Christensen