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Bethel Die-Cut Logo Decal

Bethel Die-Cut Logo Decal
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Bethel Redding


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About Bethel Die-Cut Logo Decal
Free Gift

Want a decal to show you're part of the Bethel family?

Die-Cut. Gloss White. 3.405" x 1.75"

Directions for Application

Clean Surfaces: Use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean surfaces and keep them free of debris, dirt, and moisture.

1. Squeegee or rub your sticker down before peeling to ensure a nice firm grip between the masking and the vinyl.

This is critical.

2. Peel the masking away from backing paper. The vinyl graphic should be stuck face-first to the masking material.

Discard backing paper.

3. Use a squeegee or credit card to evenly smooth down the vinyl from one side to the other on the surface.

Apply pressure back and forth across the entire graphic for a strong bond.

4. Remove the masking material by starting in one corner the SLOWLY peeling to the opposite corner.

Finished. All that should remain at this point is the vinyl graphic.