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Bethel Medical Healing Conference 2015

Bethel Medical Healing Conference 2015
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Bill Johnson, Paul Manwaring, Dr. Katie Hilder, Joaquin Evans, Beni Johnson, Dr. Michael Van Tinteren, Dr. Jennifer Kang, Dr. Ted Sawchuk & Dr. Karen Garnaas.

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About Bethel Medical Healing Conference 2015
Free Gift

As healthcare professionals, we manifest the healing power of God in our daily clinical activities. What does it look like to see the natural and supernatural gifts of healing merge? This inaugural Medical Healing Conference aimed to equip, encourage and refresh healthcare professionals as they pursue healing while dealing with the responsibilities of stewarding life and death on a regular basis. If you are looking to be refreshed in your role, receive ministry into your calling, be assured that medical healing is no less spiritual than prayer, and hear teaching from likeminded healthcare professionals from all over the world who, like you, are looking to see the Kingdom of God advance in their sphere of influence, then this conference teaching is for you.

*The Bethel Medical Healing Conference flash drive is a collection of audio teachings by Bill Johnson, Beni Johnson, Paul Manwaring, Michael Van Tinterin, Dr. Katie Hilder, Joaquin Evans, Dr. Ted Sawchuk, Dr. Karen Garnaas, and Dr. Jennifer Kang. These teachings are conveniently packaged on an easy to use flash drive ready to be loaded onto your computer or mp3 player.