Bill's Holiday Bundle 2

Bill's Holiday Bundle 2

Bill's Holiday Bundle 2

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This holiday season we have put together a second Bill Johnson Bundle. This bundle includes 5 books all by Bill Johnson.

The books in this bundle include:

  1. The Center of The Universe- This book is a slice of real-life experiences from a pastor to his congregation that mix real concern with real humor. From tales about fly-fishing to an uncontrollable hunting dog to a revival in Africa and healing the homeless, this compilation of 93 stories brings a smile as well as profound insight.
  2. The Center of The Universe Too- In the anticipated sequel to Bill Johnson's first compilation of humorous stories and insightful experiences, the Center of the Universe Too shares the heart of a pastor who loves God, enjoys life and will have you doing the same.
  3. When Heaven Invades Earth- It is truly possible for humans to walk in the divine, and Christ came to show us the way. It is by rediscovering our true identity in Him that we can begin to move into the promises of God regarding the miraculous. Bill Johnson not only teaches the supernatural, but he also imparts it by changing the way we think. If you are not walking in the miraculous, you're living far below your birthright! By laying a carefully constructed biblical foundation for walking in the supernatural power of God, When Heaven Invades Earth provides all the equipment you need to experience miracles every day.
  4. The Power That Changes the World- Every day we make choices that influence the culture and atmosphere around us. We are designed, as part of our purpose, to invade and solve problems here on earth. We've been given the keys to unlock infinite change in the here and now. This book by Bill Johnson will show you how to take hold of God's power & God's wisdom and live out the most undeniable demonstration of the heart, passion, and nature of God. We will touch—and restore—the hearts of individuals, families, communities, cities, and nations. We will create an eternal impact and significance right now. As we live out God's power and wisdom, and fully yield ourselves to His purposes—maintaining a heart of hope and promise for days ahead—we will work wonders for His Kingdom.
  5. Healing Unplugged - Up Close and Personal: Behind the Scenes with Bill Johnson and Randy Clark. Bill Johnson and Randy Clark, known worldwide as bestselling authors and leaders in healing ministry, witness the miraculous regularly and see thousands touched by God each year. But it wasn't always so. Now you can listen in as, for the first time, these close friends sit down to interview each other, candidly sharing their personal journeys behind life in the healing spotlight. With honesty, humor, and humility they reveal:
  • how and why they first got into the healing ministry
  • the trials, errors and breakthrough experiences that propelled them forward
  • the most amazing miracles they've seen
  • detailed insights and time-tested advice for more effective ministry

No stages. No spotlights. No sound checks. No crowds. Just raw, rare, intimate glimpses into real lives—through both the failures and the successes—of two men devoted to God.


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