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Boundary Lines EP
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Sean Feucht

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About Boundary Lines EP
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Recorded in the rawness of a weathered barn on the edge of the Puget Sound, the songs of Sean Feucht’s newest album, Boundary Lines, capture a warm and merry sound. This sound calls to hearers everywhere, to return to the simplicity of family gathering in wonder, as they interact with the Divine. In the atmosphere of live recording, a boisterous crowd and the skilled musicians of the Pacific Northwest, this album is a venture away from grandiose stages and bright lights. In a dimly-lit, rustic room, crammed with too many instruments and great friends, these songs are those of burning hearts united in choruses of joyful affection towards the One they love.

Some records are carefully captured in the serenity and stillness of a studio, while others are caught LIVE and bleed with passion, guts and glory. This is project is of the latter!