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Children Aflame With the Spirit
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David Walters


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About Children Aflame With the Spirit
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In the 1700's John Wesley, the renowned Methodist preacher, experienced amazing outpourings of the Holy Spirit, not only upon adults, but on children and youth as well. Read testimonies from children as young as two and a half years of age to fifteen years old. Others were taken into heaven in trances; many as young as six years of age, spoke with the wisdom of the aged. Is this possible in our generation? Author and revivalist David Walters says, EMPHATICALLY "YES!" David Walters, known as an Apostolic Grandfather, is President of Good News Ministries. Not only are there amazing accounts from Wesley's journals, but also similar accounts from David's own experience with children and youth to show that God is still the same today as He was in Wesley's day. In teaching the current generation obviously Christian education is important, but this booklet will take you beyond mere religious instruction of knowledge in the head to drop into the heart in order for this generation to have a real dynamic encounter of God's power and love.