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Christ in You
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Eric Johnson


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About Christ in You
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Every solution to every problem known to the human race lives in you. Inside each of us is a longing for a deeper truth and meaning. For centuries humanity has been searching every corner of our earth, plumbing the mysteries of the human mind and heart, in hopes of satisfying this quest of our souls. What we've failed to realize is that the greatest truth is revealed in the greatest mystery of the universe: Christ lives in you. It isn't your destiny to live life merely getting by or riddled with shame and fear. The ultimate price was paid for the ultimate temple: you. Not just for eternity's sake but for the sake of the world. In this revolutionary new book, Eric Johnson, senior leader and pastor of Bethel Church, helps you understand that the vast, omniscient, benevolent God of the universe trusts you! And when His image begins to define you you'll find your life becoming passionate, powerful and purposeful. Discover who you really are. Trust the God who makes you worthy. And change the world.