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Create Your World
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Patricia King


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About Create Your World
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Create Your World Book

This book will empower you to frame your world and experience the kind of life Jesus died to give you. In this book, Patricia King gives clear and simple guidelines so every believer can live a life of victory rather than as a victim; an over-comer rather than a life of defeat. Patricia skillfully reduces profound knowledge to a level of comprehension that helps ordinary people to understand extraordinary truth. Create Your World is full of keys that will help you unlock your full potential and transform every aspect of your life. As you read and apply the principles of Create Your World your relationships, health, finances, and overall state of being will be supernaturally blessed by God!

Create Your World Teaching Series 5-DVD Set and 5-CD Set

These teachings give tested and proven biblical principles that will help you break through roadblocks, hinderances, and delays so you can fulfill your divine destiny. As you watch you will discover how to co-labor with the Creator to create Kingdom realities in your life that you can begin to inhabit today. God created the whole world and everything in it. You are made in His image and called to do the works He did—including create! So get ready to learn how to work with Him to create your world and establish the reality of His blessing in every area of your life!

Create Your World Interactive Study Guide

This Study Guide will enhance your learning experience. Designed to be used with the Create Your World book, DVD's and CD set, each lesson includes key truths. Then, through a series of activations, the lesson takes you beyond the discovery of fresh revelation and wonderful insights to help you apply those truths to your life and change the world you live in. Space for journaling is included at the end of each lesson, where you can record your personal journey into implementing these life-changing keys.

"Patricia King's new book reads like a warrior's journal written by one of King David's Might Men. Create Your World will challenge, inspire, equip, and thrust you onto the fast track to your great adventure. I dare you to tread this book!" —Kris Vallotton, Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church, Redding CA; Co-Founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

"In a world facing transition an upheaval it is vital that believers in Christ understand their power to call forth light into darkness and order into chaos. Create Your World shows you how to operate in your God-given authority to bring heaven to earth and create environments of love, hope, victory, and faith in every facet of life." — Dr. Ché Ahn, Senior Pastor, Hrock Church, Pasadena, CA; President, Harvest International Ministry

"You are holding in your hand a stick of dynamite that, when read and applied, will blow away doubt, unbelief, and any other obstacle or hindrance standing between your destiny revealed and destiny fulfilled." — Dr. James W. Goll, President of Encounters Network