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Always Loved

Always Loved
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Brent Lokker


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About Always Loved
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In Always Love, Brent Lokker takes you on a journey into the depths of the Father's heart where you will:

  • Experience God's affection for you as His son or daughter
  • Rest in His approval and learn to trust His great heart for you
  • Enjoy Him just as He enjoys you
  • Celebrate who He says you are
  • Get off and stay off the performance treadmill
  • Dare to dream again and enjoy the adventure of your life
  • Discover your unique ability to represent God like no one else can
  • Transform the world around you by loving one heart at a time
  • Live in the continual favor of your Father's blessing

Brent's powerful yet tender stories will irresistibly draw you into deeper places of intimacy with your heavenly Daddy. The more you receive God's outrageous love, the more it pours forth from you as the world changer you are destined to be.

It's time to encounter God's passionate heart for you!