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The Igniting Hope Ministries declarations "clicker" (tally counter) is a powerful and practical tool to help believers renew their minds with truth by helping them tabulate the number of times they speak biblically based declarations. Bill Johnson has said that "physical obedience brings spiritual release." Many have found that the physical act of clicking a tally counter while speaking declarations dramatically increases faith in the truth being spoken. As you augment what you speak with the declarations clicker, you will transform what you believe, which will ultimately change what you experience in life (Romans 12:2). Start renewing your mind with your words of hope today and watch your life be transformed!


Give yourself a click on your declarations clicker for every declaration of truth you speak. Set a personal goal for how many you want to say a day. Here are some tips for increasing your declarations:

  1. Declare from a Daily Declarations List. Steve's book Declarations: Unlocking Your Future has declaration lists for many areas of life. You can also write your own list or use Steve's Daily Declarations on
  2. Conduct a 30-Day Declarations Experiment. See what happens to your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and circumstances by intentionally speaking truth for a month straight. We suggest speaking at least 100 declarations over your life a day for 30 days and using your clicker to keep track. Many have done this and have sent Igniting Hope Ministries incredible testimonies.
  3. Exchange Lies for God's Truth. Next time you find yourself believing a lie from the enemy, catch it and exchange it for truth. If you hear, "I am worthless," intentionally declare the truth instead, such as, "I am a chosen, set-apart, beloved child of God!" Then, give your declarations clicker a "click."
  4. Focus on Specific Lies. One way to get the most out of your declarations clicker is to seek the Lord to identify specific lies you're believing in key areas of life like finances, your future, identity, relationships, etc. and declaring biblical truth until your mind is renewed in those areas.

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