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Demystifying Homosexuality (Part 5 of 5)
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Ken Williams, Rodger Gaskin & Elizabeth Woning

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About Demystifying Homosexuality (Part 5 of 5)
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Focused upon helping those who struggle with unwanted same-sex desires, the Equipped to Love team explores the unique ways God meets us in the midst of the struggle and offers specific strategies that we, the church, can use to help one experience the freedom Christ is offering.


Drawing upon their combined wisdom from personal experience of same-sex attraction, Equipped to Love serves those who have been impacted by homosexuality. Founders Rodger Gaskin, Ken Williams and Elizabeth Woning vulnerably share their stories to help others understand the experience of homosexuality and facilitate interactive seminars to aid both those who struggle themselves and those who desire to minister to the growing need. Their unique perspectives expose the topic from multiple angles and offer insight and encouragement to those who seek a Kingdom-minded approach to homosexuality.