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DISC Assessment for the Family - Parent

DISC Assessment for the Family - Parent
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About DISC Assessment for the Family - Parent
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This assessment will provide new insights into behavior styles and teach you how each family member prefers to be approached. Receive a language that will help you understand each other, have better connections, and transform your family relationships.

The online assessment takes just 20 minute to complete, but has the ability to open up your understanding of how you behave and why. It will also shed light on the differences others have to your type. More importantly, it will give you the knowledge and power to interact and communicate better with those around you.

This DISC assessment includes a comprehensive 12+ page report. It is an ideal tool for Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership Development and Conflict Resolution.

This product is geared for individuals wanting to better understand their type and for groups that have had training to better understand how to implement the DISC information successfully in their environment.

After purchase, please allow up to a week to be sent an email containing the personal link to take the online assessment. A personalized report will be emailed back to you within one hour.

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