Discovering and Impacting Your World

Discovering and Impacting Your World
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Paul Manwaring

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About Discovering and Impacting Your World
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One of the great questions of this day is, "What am I here for?"

This series is designed to help you find the answer. Every one of us wants to make a difference and impact our sphere of influence. Throughout this course, Paul Manwaring leads you on a journey of personal discovery that will help you uncover the keys to bring Kingdom transformation to your personal sphere of influence.

Disc 1 - Session 1: Our Glorious Identity
Disc 2 - Session 2: Beauty & Glory
Disc 3 - Session 3: The Glory of Discovery
Disc 4 - Session 4: The Glory We Carry
Disc 5 - Session 5: Unlikely Revivalists
Disc 6 - Session 6: Missionaries & Visionaries
Disc 7 - Practical Application (Sessions 1 & 2)
* Worksheet 1 - Arrows Chart
* Worksheet 2 - Sphere Discovery
* Worksheet 3 - Personal Discovery Chart (To be used with Disc 3)
Disc 8 - Practical Application (Sessions 4-6)
* Worksheet 4 - Discovery Review
* Worksheet 5 - Unpacking Your Sphere