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Dream Journey

Dream Journey
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Andy & Janine Mason

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About Dream Journey
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Discovering and going after your dreams is like going on a journey. It is an adventure with Father God where you discover more of Him and the greatness He has placed inside you. This Dream Journey DVD series will help you on your path of discovery.

Through real-life stories, teaching, demonstrations and activation exercises, you will be equipped to unlock the dreams and desires of your heart and empowered with simple and practical tools to turn your dreams into actions, regardless of your circumstance.

This six part series is designed for a group format with a facilitator and individual Dream Journey Workbooks. You will discover:

*The importance of your dreams in God’s plan for your life
*Keys to accessing the dreams and desires of your heart
*Tools, demonstrations and activations to turn your dreams into practical action steps
*Working through disappointment, discouragement, disillusionment
*Identifying and taking dominion over mindsets that hinder your progress
*Understanding the cost of a dream
*The power and importance of community – a Dream Culture – in pursuing your dreams

To find out more, or request a live Dream Journey Workshop in your organization, please contact us at

Andy and Janine Mason are the Directors of the Dream Culture program which they developed and implemented at Bethel Church. They are on staff at Bethel Church and serve on the leadership team for the Global Transformation Institute with Danny Silk. Andy has a background in consultancy and relationship management, and his desire is to help people discover their purpose and live it well. With Janine’s background in people development and adult training, she helps people unlock their dreams and develop practical steps to see the impossible happen.