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Equip Prophetic Conference 2018
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Kris Vallotton, Havilah Cunnington, Ben Armstrong

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About Equip Prophetic Conference 2018
Free Gift

In the midst of trials and uncertainty, there is a voice of wisdom calming our storms and releasing hope into our hearts. You’re invited to join us for a prophetic journey at Bethel’s Annual Prophetic Conference, a three-day gathering designed to equip you with the tools you need to dispel despair and unleash heaven’s solutions over the world.

This year’s Prophetic Conference is specifically geared towards equipping you to hear God’s voice and walk confidently in your prophetic gift. Receive teaching from Bethel’s prophetic voices; Kris Vallotton, Havilah Cunnington, Ben Armstrong, and others. You will discover your innate ability to hear from God, develop and hone your gift, and be deployed to release the words of heaven!

We invite you to encounter Heaven and be empowered to release it on earth.