Faultlines Vol. 1 EP

Faultlines Vol. 1 EP
Faultlines Vol. 1 EP
    Faultlines Vol. 1 EP preview.

    Faultlines Vol. 1 EP

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    kalley went through layers of surrender as the 6th largest fire in California history climbed over a hill and into her neighborhood. Finding her town in debris and ruins, kalley was deeply moved to write songs of redemption for her city and for anyone finding themselves in need of the God who gives “beauty for ashes.” (Isaiah 61:3)

    Faultlines Vol. I & II marks kalley’s first studio album and solo project with Bethel Music. This two-part collection gives expression to the multi-dimensional experiences of life: the highs and lows, the soft and razor-edged, the beauty and the pain, the comfort and the questions. All moments that lead us to Immanuel—God with us in the midst of the rubble. Volume I of Faultlines is a digital pop-like arrangement—dynamic and percussive—mirroring the bursts of expression that occur in our daily interactions with God. This volume features kalley’s song “Alabaster Heart,” inspired by the 12 hours of uncertainty she felt waiting to hear if her home was still standing during the fire. kalley found freedom when she released control of all she owned, meeting an opportunity to give God an offering. kalley’s song “Oasis” reminds us that no matter how dry or endless the wasteland around us, we have direct access to a wellspring of life living inside—Jesus Christ, the hope of glory.

    Faultlines Volume II unfolds into a cinematic account of the kindest Guardian, Father, and Vow Maker who can be trusted even when we don’t know all the answers, and who meets us with His presence in the middle of the ashes. kalley’s hope is that Faultlines would inspire listeners to open up and invite God into the places that scare us while imparting courage to ask Him the hard questions. When the plates underneath us move, the fire blows through, and the waters rise—that’s where He’ll be found—right in the middle of it.

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