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Film Workshop
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Anthony West,Darren Wilson,David Noroña

M4V Video Download (16 sessions)

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5 DVD Set

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About Film Workshop
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Bethel Media's Film Workshop is an inspiring workshop focused on storytelling, filmmaking and creativity. You will be encouraged to pursue your ideas and find your creative voice. Writer and filmmaker Darren Wilson of Wanderlust Productions, known for the feature films Finger of God, Furious Love and Holy Ghost, reveals his step-by-step creative process with God like never before and shares practical tips on how to stay organized while filming. Bethel Media Senior Producer David Noroña shares on “The Power of Story" and Anthony West, Director of Video Production, shares on “Culture of Creativity." Sessions teach on pre-production, production and post-production and explain how to create with God. Sessions are followed by Q&A.

  • DVD 1 Darren Wilson: Partnering With The Spirit: “Ideas" Part 1-3
    • Extras: God's 16th Choice; A Dog Named Moses
  • DVD 2 Darren Wilson: Partnering With The Spirit: “Creation" Part 1-4
    • Extras: Worst Cameraman
  • DVD 3 Darren Wilson: Partnering With The Spirit: “Finding The Story" Part 1-3
    • Extras: Q&A With Darren; Impartation and Prayer
  • DVD 4 Anthony West: Culture of Creativity (Made to Change the World; Live Without a Lid; Four Keys)
    • Extras: Q&A with Anthony; Anthony's Dream: Journey with Jesus
  • DVD 5 David Noroña: The Perfect Storyteller (The Beginning; The Middle; The End)
    • Extras: God in 3D